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Roadway Design

Road Safety DesignSAK Engineering Services, Inc. possesses the technical capability and staffing to provide incomparable services for roadway design. From small projects such as lane turn additions, to complex multi-lane roadway widening, our roadway design team is experienced in the management and design of transportation projects. Our roadway team's innovative approach to design comes from our familiarity with current production delivery methods and the creation of electronic bid construction plans and specifications. We have developed long-term working relationships with local transportation firms, allowing for strategic partnerships in project teaming and scheduling. Our roadway design team can provide professional services for:

  • Design Project Management
  • Highway Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Roadway Milling and Resurfacing
  • Pavement Design
  • Traffic Control Design
  • Cable Barrier Design & Installation
  • Traffic Operations Design
  • Roadway Safety Design

Bridge Design

Bridge DesignUsing innovative bridge design techniques and new technologies, SAK Engineering Services specializes in bridge engineering. Our personnel can readily integrate as a member of a large design team, as our engineers are experienced with AASHTO design procedures for complex bridges.

Through concentrated efforts in transportation engineering, SAK Engineering Services is consistently advancing and expanding its expertise in bridge engineering, including professional services for:

  • New Bridges and Bridge Replacement Design
  • Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Load Rating

In addition to bridge design, the company provides design services for a wide range of structures in support of roadway projects. Our experienced staff works with clients to provide innovative design solutions for the most challenging site conditions. Our professional design services in support of roadway projects include:

  • Traffic Signal and Sign Support Design
  • Culvert Design
  • Noise Wall/Retaining Wall Design
  • Sign Structure Design

Bridge Inspection

In addition to underwater inspection, our staff provides routine bridge and sign inspection services. Inspectors for SAK Engineering Services, Inc. receive specialized training from the Federal Highway Administration and various state Departments of Transportation to ensure superior service. Our bridge and sign structure services include:

  • NBIS inspections
  • Fracture critical inspections
  • Load ratings
  • Nondestructive testing

To ensure outstanding customer service and employee safety, SAK Engineering Services forms specialized employee teams for each and every project. This policy, in conjunction with techniques perfected by experience, demonstrates our commitment to professional excellence and safety.

Professional Training

SAK Engineering Services, Inc is proud to coordinate with the National Highway Institute’s (NHI) contractor for FHWA/NHI Course, "Bridge Inspection Training". This 14-day course will deal with the skills of practicing bridge inspectors in fundamental visual inspection techniques; reviews the background knowledge necessary to understand how bridges function; communicates issues of national significance relative to the nations' bridge infrastructures; re-establishes proper rating practices; and reviews the professional obligations of bridge inspectors. This course also meets the requirements of the CFR 650.313(G) for “...periodic bridge inspection refresher training for program managers and team leaders...”