The success of your company depends largely on the skilled selection of highly-talented professionals. With the current market situation, that essential search can be a difficult and costly one. Costly not only in the financial sense, but also with the continuous consumption of your valuable time and efforts.

Working with Symmetry Staffing enables you to focus on your many other daily responsibilities and not having to worry about screening resumes, making phone calls to check references and credentials, or on any of the other tasks involved in the recruiting process. With our experience in the industry, your company is guaranteed to save valuable time and money, and we are confident that you will have an exceptional addition to your organization.

Symmetry Staffing provides services to your company in the following areas:

  • Contract: Staff provided on an hourly basis at a specified rate for a specified period of time
  • Contract-to-hire: Staff provided on an hourly basis at a specified rate for only six months, after which they may be hired by your company
  • Direct-hire: Professionals available for hire immediately at a negotiated fee based on annual salary

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